Judge Elaine Lu has invited the members of the Pasadena Bar Association to participate in an upcoming community outreach program taking place at the Pasadena Courthouse on February 11, 2015. These Power Lunches are a unique opportunity for students, lawyers, judges, and court staff members to come together to discuss career choices and the legal system.

The Court will be hosting a Power Lunch at the Pasadena Courthouse from 12 noon to 1:30 pm on February 11. One hundred students from the Pasadena High School are expected to attend this Power Lunch. After hearing from attorneys and court staff about their different roles within the courtroom, the students will be broken down into small groups of approximately 8 to 10 team members each. Volunteer attorneys and judges will lead each group of students in a discussion of topics that will help prepare the students for the Legal Jeopardy game. The program will conclude with a fun game of Legal Jeopardy.

If you are interested in leading group discussions during the lunch, please register here. It is a 90-minute commitment (12 noon to 1:30 pm), and attorneys in every field of practice are welcome.  Please direct any questions to info@WLALA.org.