Barristers.publiccounsel.2altOver the past few months, Barristers from the Pasadena Bar Association have participated in three of Public Counsel’s Foreclosure Rights Clinics.  Twenty-five Barristers met with a number of homeowners who sought assistance with issues related to their foreclosed homes.  The Barristers pro bono attorneys helped homeowners to identify relevant legal issues and provided homeowners with referrals and targeted next steps.

In one instance, the Barristers determined that a homeowner’s foreclosure issue also involved a family law issue.  The Barristers were successfully able to refer the homeowner to a family law attorney who graciously volunteered her assistance. 


The Barristers also helped to identify and determine that another homeowner had been lured into a complex scheme involving individuals that had previously defrauded hundreds of unsuspecting and vulnerable homeowners who were in default with their home loans.  This homeowner had paid thousands of dollars to these individuals.  Fortunately, the Barristers and Public Counsel staff attorneys convinced this homeowner not to attend a meeting the following day with another individual who was allegedly involved in this scheme.  Public Counsel staff attorneys scheduled a follow up meeting with the homeowner in order to offer further assistance.

Public Counsel is the largest pro bono law firm in the nation and assists over 30,000 children, families, and community organizations every year.  These clinics are part of the Pasadena Bar Association’s plan for future involvement with Public Counsel and for pro bono activities and community service in general.