will bowenContributed by William Bowen.

The Technology Section of the Pasadena Bar met for an MCLE luncheon Thursday, January 31 on Intimacy and Ideas: the Intersection of Intellectual Property and Family Law.  Panelists Candice Rogers, Kristin Hiibner, and Lee Salisbury engaged in a lively discussion over how to proactively address scenarios where ideas and their fruits are shared property.  While there was a lot of interesting things to be discussed about how to value and divide abstract ideas and the property that protects them, and their proceeds, all panelists agreed that it is best practice to make sure and consider intellectual property assets in conjunction with family discussions and consult attorneys from both practices to make sure that a lack of clarity in ownership does not diminish their value or come back to haunt members of a couple with legal problems after any personal disputes are resolved.

Stay tuned for the next Pasadena Bar Association Technology Section Event.

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