On September 12, our group was treated to an entertaining and enlightening presentation by Ellen Driscoll and Erin McCann.  We began the evening by playing “human bingo” – which provided an icebreaker and allowed us to socialize and find out interesting facts about each other.  I learned that Nancy Shaw plays a handful of instruments, including the flute, Mike Bell is a fan of horror movies, Rebecca Lessley attended Loyola Law School, and that only a few of us blog (come on folks – you’re all invited to contribute to the PBA blog!).

During dinner, Ellen and Erin gave the group tips and pointers for how to behave in a variety of social situations.  I learned that it is proper to put your napkin to the left of your plate if you need to get up from the table during dinner, and also how to politely extract myself from a conversation and move on to a different group.  I also learned that I am not the only one sending handwritten thank-you notes.

What did you learn that will make you a polite networker and guest?  Share your tips in the comment section.